ASP Program Information



Hall County Schools

Dr. Tracie Brack, Principal

(770) 932-1223 

Leaving No Child Behind

Friendship Elementary School offers the Advanced Scholars program (ASP). This program is designed for advanced students and provides a rigorous environment that promotes problem solving, cooperation, inquiry, critical thinking, and creativity. The ASP program also includes project based learning that incorporates both 21st Century Skills and Georgia Performance Standards.   Enrollment is based on a set of eligibility requirements to ensure that the students can be as successful as possible. ASP classes are available in grades K-5 and students apply each year in order to continue in the program.
  • Who: Friendship Advanced Scholars’ Program Grades K-5
  • Where: Friendship Elementary School, Hall County, Buford, GA
  • When: Started school year 2013-2014
  • Why: Making sure NO CHILD is left behind!!
  • What: The A.S.P. is an accelerated program targeted toward the top 25% of Friendship Elementary first through fifth grade students.  Students learn the curriculum through project based activities and self discovery.
  • How: Checklists are used to identify the top 25% of the students in the grade level. Students are rated on Academic Achievement, Motivation, Maturity, and Teacher Recommendation.
    • Develop a high-powered academic program for children who are ready to achieve more
    • Consider ways to incorporate flexible grouping into existing departmentalization plans to: equitably provide advanced learning opportunities to children who are ready, reduce the range of academic readiness in each classroom so teachers can more effectively meet the needs of all children, and create a cutting-edge innovative program that would attract families to Friendship Elementary.
  • ASP Committee Chair: Nicole Hill
Kindergarten Mikki Cosson
1st Grade Kristin White
2nd Grade Marie Merck/Christy Giles
3rd Grade Darlene Sheridan/Leigh Tipton
4th Grade Jane Coley
5th Grade Brian Johnston