Mission / Vision

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Friendship Elementary School is to develop lifelong learners who can function successfully in society.

Our Beliefs

We believe students are given the opportunity to learn, achieve, and succeed at their individual performance levels.

We believe student self-esteem is fostered through a supportive and disciplined environment.

We believe mutual respect among students and staff creates a school climate conducive to learning.

We believe learning best occurs when students’ developmental levels, learning styles, interests, and goals are addressed through the use of all available resources.

We believe all individuals within the school environment must be responsible for their own behavior.

We believe each student has the right to a safe learning environment, free of disruptive behavior.

We believe high expectations for students and staff are established and must be clearly communicated.

We believe the ongoing professional growth of our faculty results in a more effective school environment.

We believe a clean, attractive, and functional environment enhances learning.

We believe collaboration among community members, the board of education, superintendent, principal, teachers, students, and parents results in a positive atmosphere where

excellence is achieved and individuals are valued.

Our Vision

Friendship Elementary School will be a place of learning supported by competent, educated individuals that value the students and the community’s well-being. Our staff will provide

an extensive, in-depth curriculum that will adequately prepare our students to face their future academic challenges. We will foster a positive atmosphere by collaborating with

community members and maintaining a safe and clean facility.